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The offers FREE personal advertising to its readers. Click here to place your FREE ad online or call our automatic Ad-Takers at one of these numbers:

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NOTE: You may place your ad anytime 24 hours a day; however, our free ad deadline is MONDAY AT 6PM.

Commercial or Business Ads

Commercial Ads or Business Ads are Ads offering products or services on a continuous basis for profit or as a means of livelihood. For Business Ad Rates and Information, please call our office at (304) 422-9414 Monday, Thursday & Friday 9am-4pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 9-Noon or email us at: Business Ad FAX (304) 422-9415  PLEASE NOTE: Business Ad Deadline for ads needing typeset for each Wednesday’s paper is Friday at 4pm. Advertisers are responsible for verifying the contents of their ad after the first week that it runs (i.e. address, phone number, etc.)

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Service Ads

Service Ads are $3 for 25 words or less per week, 5 week minimum